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Our Recent Projects

Java House Project

The works consisted of mechanical ventilation at the kitchen area. On ground, the biggest challenge was doing the ducting from the kitchen area to the top roof of the mall. This necessitated for a lot of professionalism in the design, duct sizing, routing installation among others. Additionally, duct routing was a challenge, as the mall structure didn’t factor such modifications.

To overcome this, the ducts had to be done on top of each other, in a bid to maximize on the available space. Further, due to the huge distance between the hood and the fan, multiple joints were inevitable. As such, there was a dire need to ensure the joints were air tight to avoid the shortcomings of air leakages. The long duct routing was characterized by numerus bends and transformational pieces ultimately leading to huge pressure drops, which was to be compensated by the fans specifications. In order to attain the desired air flow at the hood filters, precise extract hood fan had to be sourced. In this case, a customized fan had to be ordered from the manufacturer.

KCB Bank Project

The works encompassed installation of a 56KW Toshiba VRF air conditioning system . The VRF was to serve 8 ducted indoor units and two ceiling cassettes, all distributed within the bank premises. The design on how to distribute the
supply and return grills was critical to ensure maximum functionality of the ACs.

At the kitchenette area, there was need for extraction . This prompted the need to install a wall mounted extract fan which was carefully fitted on the glass planes. Further, the washrooms were fitted with an inline fan for extraction purposes. The server room and the ATM room were fitted with independent split inverter highwall AC units.

HFC Datacenter Project

The project entailed supply, installation, testing and commissioning of data center precision cooling units.It involved erection of raised floors with perforated sections along the cold aisle, installation of 2no. 45kw cooling capacity down-flow indoor units model as Airedale and 4no. Outdoor units operating on a closed circuit operating on R407 Ozone friendly refrigerant gas.

The indoor units circuits were configured to work interchangeably with one duty and the other one standby. The data center racks were arranged in a row with the cold aisle in-between. Maximum cooling temperature attained at the cold aisle was 16oc  .

The units were tested, commissioned and set to work at a set temperature of 21oc with temperature monitoring probes also installed.

Transnational Bank Project

The project involved supply and installation of split system cassette units each of 24,000btu cooling capacity and split wall mounted units.The cassette units were installed at the banking hall and the back office as preference due to their four-way air supply nature. 2 No. wall mounted units were installed at the bank’s server room on duty and standby modes.

The entire project was tested, commissioned and satisfactorily handed over to the client.

Family Bank Project

Overhaul and installation of new VRF system of cooling capacity 33.5kw with multiple cassette and wall mounted units.The indoor units colling capacity range was 12000btu -36000btu.

The system was set to operate at 80% full load allowance for optimal functioning when there is higher heat load demand during summer.

Beiersdorf Project

The project entailed installation of office comfort cooling system for customers lounge, marketing, and executive directors offices. Split units were installed with each having independent outdoor units with remote controls mounted on accessible wall mountings.The units were to operate on ozone friendly R410 refrigerant gas and fitted with air filters for optimal operation.The project was done to timely completion, units tested ,commissioned and  warranty certificates issued.

Kenyatta University Project

The project involves supply and installation of techno-park science laboratory with complete gas pipe-work and equipment installation. It involved medical gases copper and stainless steel pipe work with pressure testing. Compressed air-pipework was also done on bot dry and wet labs. An emergency shower was also installed for first Aid attendance in cases of chemical spillage.

Duct extraction mechanical ventilation system of foul air was also done at the microbiology lab with diffusers and volume control dampers connected to the HVAC system.

Furthermore the lab stores were fitted with split system air-conditioning units to provide the optimal temperature requirements.

The project involved installation of duct system with an axial fan connected at the human anatomy labolatory.The system was designed as per the required air change to attain maximum air flow extraction.

Kabarak University Project

The project involved supply,installation testing and commissioning of centralized air handling unit (AHU) with pre-insulated aluminum ducting system at the music school.The music room main design consideration was the room acoustic level with minimal sound disruption by the indoor units.

The duct work was done and terminated to plenum boxes connection to diffuser grills. An indoor unit thermal sensors were also installed to check on indoor temperature levels.

The project was done to timely completion and within the stipulated guidelines by the consultants.