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About Ozonecool

Ozonecool is a fast growing company dealing in air- conditioning, mechanical ventilation and refrigeration. We are located at the heart of Nairobi. Ozonecool engineers have developed an outstanding reputation in providing quality and highly professional services to clients. We specialize in installing, servicing, testing and commissioning air-conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation systems.

Ozonecool also offers consultation services on HVAC systems. This includes CFC refrigeration phase-out programs, new inverter technology and AVS inbuilt air conditioners. At Ozonecool, we abide by international engineering standards and this enables us to stride forward and explore new technology and ideas including those centered around green energy. It is in this regard that we work hand in hand with our customers to provide them with the most efficient and environmentally friendly air-conditioning, refrigeration and cooling systems.


We provide expert HVAC services all year round. Whether you need ventilation services, cooling services or even hot water services, ozonecool is your ideal partner. With expertise in both residential and commercial properties.

+254 702 365000
+254 782 365000

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  1. Banking Industry
  2. Hospitality Industry
  3. Manufacturing Industry
  4. ICT Industry
  5. Horticulture Industry
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Over 8 Years Experience

We have over 8 years experience in the mechanical ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC). We believe in quality workmanship and customer service.