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Datacenter Control Units

For server rooms and datacenters with temperature sensitive ICT equipment that require precision cooling. AC equipment used includes;
1. Down flow units
2. Up flow units
3. Raised  floor units

Ceiling Cassette Units

Ideal for comfort cooling in office environments as well as other business premises. Uses cases include;
1. Offices
2. Hospitals
3. Supermarkets

Centralized VRF/ VRV Units

These offer an ideal solution for centralized cooling. These units are cost effective for all comfort cooling needs that require installation in multiple zones within the same building. They are especially suitable for offices, hospitals and other large building that house multiple rooms with a large number of people.

Ducted concealed units

These units are ideal for environments requiring a hidden/ concealed HVAC setup. They are ideal for both ceiling and wall installations. Use cases include;
1. Offices
2. Hospitals

Floor standing units

These are especially ideal for setups requiring HVAC solutions post building design and where human traffic is low. They also work well as a mobile HVAC solution. They are ideal for;
1. Hotels
2. Home use
3. Executive Offices

Wall mounted units

These offer an ideal cost effective solution for comfort cooling. Ideal use cases include;
1. Offices
2. Hospitals
3. Hotels

Mechanical ventilation fans

These offer a cheap and effective solution for basic aeration and temperature control. They are especially useful for large open spaces. Use cases include;
1. Warehouses
2. Factories
3. Manufacturing production spaces
4. Halls

Solar water heaters

This is part of our green energy offering. Solar water heaters give you an alternative cost effective water heating solution for homes and hotels. The vary in capacity and the sizing will depend on the use case.

Solar street lighting

These offer a cost effective solution for street lighting and can save governments, counties and  municipalities large sums of money by reducing electricity bills.